Liquefying an Insurance Policy

I know with the times being tough lately the economy is not performing up to par. While our wages have not increased, the price of energy is continuing to rise, driving up the prices of food, clothing and other life necessities. The inflation is hurting us all we have to find a way to cut corners.

So we start thinking what am I spending money on that I can do without? One of the first thing people will do is stop contributing to their life insurance policy.

I would not be so quick at doing that because there is a Structured Settlement Quotes Site that will take over your insurance policy and even pay you for it! Did you know SSQ pays a discounted rate of the policy’s net death benefit amount?

There are a few things that are considered when it comes to estimating the amount of your life insurance policy. They calculate your life expectancy and the cost of premiums to keep the policy renewed and up to date for a particular time.

There are two types of life insurance settlement transactions; life settlements and viatical settlements.

With Life settlement policies SSQ creates immediate liquidity of an unwanted and non-performing asset, netting the policy owner a nice lump sum payment of cash. The other is viatical settlements; SSQ would liquefy the insurance policy should the policy owner be facing a terminal illness, so they can use the funds to pay for high costs of medical care.

If you are thinking of canceling your life insurance or selling an existing life insurance policy contact Structured Settlements Quotes Site for more information.

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