Santa Letter in an Email

With Christmas only a few days away, I was looking for a fast way to send a few Santa Letters to my children.   While there are quite a few sites that physically mail a letter I was not willing to spend $30+ for three letters to my kids.  Heck with $30 I can get them a Nintendo DS game, one which they would play with for a year at least.   Nevertheless I came accross a Personalized Email from Santa site.   I proceeded to order, they take PayPal (I hate using a credit card online) yeah call me old fashioned, I call it being cautious and smart. Within minutes I got an email with a link to the Santa Claus letter addressed to my children.  I was impressed.  I ordered another two – two more emails and links to each letter personalized.

I called one of my children over and they were excited with a smile from ear to ear as they read the letter.

All in all, I spent a total of $7.47 and in my opinion – money well spent.

This Christmas give your kid a gift they will remember – An Email from Santa Claus.

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