That Baby Scent

So you are having your first child, there is nothing more joyous nor more precious in the world than having your first bundle of joy. My wife and I had three, a boy and two girls and let me tell you there is nothing more miraculous in this world.

Ever notice a newborn baby’s scent? They smell so fresh, so clean and so innocent. Their hands and feet are so tiny, skin so soft and delicate. When it came time to bathing our children there was only one name we trusted and that was Johnson’s. Johnson’s baby moisturizing lotion is gentle, smooth, rich and creamy and helps keep a new borns skin nourished, soft and protected.

We would place our newborn child in a baby washing basin with warm water, always being extra careful with their neck and head. First washed their hair with Johnson’s moisture care baby wash, it is gentle on eyes and then lathered them up. Rinsed them off and wrapped them in a soft towel. We would dry him or her off and dress them in those cute little outfits. Fed them their formula, as we would hold and smother them with lots of love and kisses.  It was quiet time for the next two hours.

Johnson’s is a well known household name in our home and when it came to child care products for our children we trusted the Johnson name and so should you.

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