Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

A few months ago I posted about Liquefying an Insurance Policy. Today I will tell you a little about the process of selling your life insurance policy.

As you know if you are considering canceling your life insurance policy or selling an existing life insurance, Structured Settlement Quotes will take over your insurance policy and pay you a lump sum settlement.

The first step would be to actually find out what amount is needed from your insurance policy to pay any of your outstanding debts. Once this has been calculated, it is time to figure out the exact monthly, quarterly or other time frame payment details.

After receiving an estimated value of your policy, SSQ would then match up your financial needs with the best structured settlement company getting you the best factoring quote for your needs.

Provided you are content with the financial numbers, documents are signed to continue the process. Basically, the whole transfer process takes anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks including the underwriting and State Judge approval.

For more information on selling your policy contact Structured Settlements Quotes web site for more details.

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