Kitchen Renovations

After years of living in an apartment dwelling we recently moved into a house. The kitchen was a little outdated and we wanted to bring the 70’s looking kitchen into year 2007. While renovating a kitchen is not exactly what I’d like to call a small and simple task, we decided on getting some professional help. My wife and I decided on replacing the kitchen floor, cupboards and drawers, sink and countertop.

We looked at many different designs and colours and we decided on going with a light coloured kitchen with a beautiful looking granite countertop. There were various granite countertops to choose from as well but my wife selected a gorgeous looking speckled granite countertop.

Even though a granite countertop is one of the most durable types available. We have been forewarned from family and friends that we must take good care of it to keep looking its best. Without a doubt the amount of money that is being spent on this project we should have not problems in doing so.

The renovation has just started and we expect the work to be completed in about 10 days. If you are looking at getting your kitchen renovated, I advise on getting a few estimates and ask for references before selecting a contractor to do the work.

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